Nessma Mobile launches Africa based OTT in under 3 weeks

Helping new customers to confidently enter the video streaming market

Video streaming services have long been the domain of larger providers but content owners are looking for value-driven models that can be rapidly deployed at low-cost and innovations in OTT technology are enabling more small-to-medium sized tier 2 and tier 3 players to enter the market.

Successful services are popping up all over the globe and there is a growing number of examples of creative and proactive organizations embracing the new technology solutions to bring their video-on-demand service to market.

Who’s using the technology?

One such example is Nessma TV, the leading commercial TV channel in Tunisia. Nessma Mobile differentiates itself thanks to Nessma TV content over an OTT streaming service to a user app that engages subscribers, making them more ‘sticky’ to the new network.

The app and service behind it provide exclusive and differentiated content for over 200,000 subscribers across Tunisia. Nessma Mobile’s service was launched after a very short period of development to enable them to go to market to Tunisian consumers.

We were delighted that Nessma Mobile chose to work with our team at SotalCloud to achieve their goals. We took care of the Content Delivery Network (CDN) media servers, asset management infrastructure, and technical tools such as tailored APIs to deliver a comprehensive OTT service that enabled Nessma Mobile to go live with the new network within just three weeks, a significant reduction on the traditional 3-6 months for similar development projects.

This project has provided Nessma Mobile with a low cost service that they can easily scale up, manage and evolve over time – a ‘pay-as-you-grow” model.

Commenting on the project, Haykel Abdelwahed, Technical Director at Nessma Mobile said: “The aim of the service is to create a bridge between the TV, device or smartphone, and the end user. As we continue to develop and strengthen the content of the service with games embedded within the app, targeted and exclusive offers for subscribers and more rich content, we will broaden the spread of the channel and change from a cost-driven to a value-driven model.”

Meeting budget and timescale expectations

As the technology underpinning the TV-as-a-Service model continues to evolve, we’re confident that we’ll see many more organizations like Nessma Mobile taking advantage of low-cost, rapid deployment platforms. This will ensure that they can go to market much quicker to stay ahead of their competitors and to provide their subscribers with a fresh, content-rich service that will continue to create new revenue streams for the organization.

Russell Foy, CEO of SotalCloud